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Helping You Help Your Horse

Charlie offers many equine services. Ridden lessons, groundwork, behaviour training are just some of the services offered.

Charlie also offers a clipping service - Sussex Equine clipping.

Services: Services

If you and your horse need help with a specific behavioural issue such as loading, difficulties mounting trouble clipping  or something else then Charlie maybe able to help. By understanding the nature of the problem and how to change how a horse behaves. She can help you and your horse work though your issues.


Ground work is an often an important overlooked training area.You don't need to have a specific problem to benefit form doing ground work. It can be used to help develop a better relationship which can help with ridden activities and more challenging situations.Ground work can consist of basic leading and or working up to more challenging things like obstacle courses.Ground work can also cover long reining and lunging

For all your clipping and trimming requiments. Weather its just a leg trim mane tidy or a full clip. Happy to do first clips and to work with those that maybe a little anxious.
Also happy to show owners how to clip if they have brought clippers and are wishing to know how to clip


Charlie is a BHS qualified instructor with over 20yrs experience. Teaching all levels and ages. Lessons can be in any area or discipline the rider chooses flat work, jumping, or even obstacle training. Don't worry if you struggle with nerves this is something we can help with. Your never not good enough! 

There are many other services which can be offered. Help with equine rehabilitation after injury.

Talks to clubs and groups. Topics previously have included equine first aid and equine behaviour. 

Group clinics either at your yard or a hired venue. Cross country outings, Stable Management lessons, show preparation, Exam preparations. Management and feeding advice

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