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Love long reining

🐴 Long reining or longlining either term works. This activity has so many uses and yet is under used and lunging is used in preferred by many people, yet lots of lunging has been shown to be detrimental long term. Lots of peole are intimidated by Long reining because it invloves two lines. Many people think of long reining is just for young horses and driving horses and you are just walking along behind but actually it's way more than that. If you are in the school you can switch from being behind to more on a circle and lunge postion and really move about.

🐴 Advantages over lunging 🐴

• You can move around the school more •You can change the rein at all paces •Helpful if the horse turns in on you •Can be safer as you can keep the horse out if they are a little fresh. •Easier for a young horse to understand what you want •Relates to ridden work better •You can do it out and about not just in the school •Less cirles so less strain on legs •There is more variety on what you can do •Can be used to help lateral work

🐴Things you can do🐴

• Anything you can do under saddle can be done on long reins! •Circle long reining like lunging but you move around a lot more •Stright line long reining both in the school and out and about. •Hacking •Jumping •Dressage tests •Obstacle Course And I am sure I have missed many other things

🐴Who is long rein for?🐴

• Nearly any horse could befit form regular long reining •Horses in rehab - it's less stressful on limbs than circles •young horses - horses being backed should always do some long reining as it helps develop stearing and they gain confidence, building up to long reining hacks. •Horses intended for driving •Any horse for variety

🐴Getting started🐴 •Get in touch or find a local Intelligent Horsemanship trainer local to you who can get you started.

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